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buber.net > Basque > Music > Song > Itsasoa Lano
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Itsasoa Lano


Itsasoa lano dago
Baionako barraraino:
Nik zu zaitut maiteago
xoriak bere umiak baino.

Aita gutaz oroit dago
lanopean gaueraino.
Nik zu zaitut maiteago
arraintxoek ura baino!

Afaria suan dago
bero-beroa sarridino.
Nik zu zaitut maiteago
egur onak sua baino.

Izar xuriz mila dago
iparretik hegoraino.
Nik zu zaitut maiteago
ilargiak gaua baino.

Lo egizu, egizu lo
deskantsuan bihar artio.
Nik zu zaitut maiteago
gau beltzean loa baino.

Orai haurra hor lo dago,
Lo egizu, aingerun~o.
Nik zu zaitut maiteago
zure aitak nihaur baino.
The sea is all fogged up
all the way to the pier in Baiona
I love you more
than birds love their babies.

Father is thinking of us
under the fog, until night time comes.
I love you more
than the little fish love the water

Dinner is on the stove
very hot
I love you more
than a good log loves the fire

Bright stars by the thousand
from the north to the south
I love you more
than the moon loves the night

Sleep, sleep,
rest until tomorrow
I love you more
than sleep in the dark night

Now the child is asleep
sleep, little angel
I love you more
than your father loves myself.

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