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buber.net > Basque > Food > Basque Restaurants of the United States
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Basque Restaurants of the United States

by Charles L. Shaffer

If you have never been to a Basque restaurant then you have missed something special. In the United States, these are little- known places that you will have to seek out, but the delicious food is well worth the effort. It is hoped that this list will help you find one near you or make it possible for you to visit one on a future trip. Help keep these restaurants in business! Note: It is strongly recommended that you telephone before planning a visit to verify current hours and days of operation, and to confirm that they are still in fact serving Basque dinners.

Meals are typically served family style. Occasionally you may be seated at a long table with others; this is most likely to occur at the historic hotels. Dinner will be delivered in courses: soup and bread, salad, beans, french fries, and a meat entree. Lamb is popular, but so are beef, pork, and chicken, and occasionally seafood is available. Sometimes you will have a choice among two or three entrees, but everything else will just arrive at your table. A dessert of ice cream will probably be included.

There will be plenty of food; this is not a light meal. The meal check will be moderate, but you will be full! You may find that the hearty food at typical Basque restaurants reminds you somewhat of other southern European cuisines. It should be mentioned that a very few Basque restaurants in urban areas of the West Coast may serve meals more resembling that of fancy French restaurants.

A house red table wine usually accompanies the meal, typically chilled and slightly off-dry. To sample the national drink, order a picon punch before or after dinner.

Basque restaurants are most likely to be located in areas where many sheep were once grazed on the open range. This is generally the Great Basin of northern Nevada, the Central Valley of California, and the Snake River Plain of Idaho. Early Basque immigrants to America were for the most part single men who came seeking sheepherding work. Many arrived by railroad, with little or no English language skills. For this reason Basque hotels and their restaurants were frequently located near the train station, and some of them still are.

With thanks to Deke Castleman (Nevada Handbook, Moon Publications, Inc.), Sunset Magazine, the late California Magazine, and the Winnemucca Hotel.

This list is also available on the Internet. I am grateful to Blas Pedro Uberuaga for posting it on his Basque page on the World Wide Web at:


The restaurants are listed by state and city. Please help keep this list up-to-date by sending all additions, corrections, or deletions to: Charles L. Shaffer, 3120 N.E. 80th St., Seattle, WA 98115-4740.

A note from Blas: several of these restaurants have closed since originally being listed on this page. I'm keeping them listed here for their "historical" value. It should be evident which restaurants are closed by the coloring.


(40 mi. E. of Yuma on I-8)

Basque Etchea
8575 S. Avenue 40 E.
(Exit 42 from I-8)
(520) 785-4027 11a-10p Tu-Sa
12 Noon-10p Sn
Limited Basque menu

Chateau Basque 4340 E. U.S. Hwy. 80 (520) 341-9776 4-10 Tu-Sn CLOSED


(Modoc County, 42 mi. S. of Oregon border on U.S. 395)

Brass Rail Lakeview Hwy.
(N. end of town on E. side of U.S. 395)
(916) 233-2906 5:30-10 Tu-Sn  
Bakersfield Benji's 4001 Rosedale Hwy. (661) 328-0400 11:30-2 W-M
5:30-9:30 W-M
Bakersfield Chalet Basque 200 Oak St.
(1 blk. E. of Hwy. 99 between Brundage & California)
(661) 327-2915 11:30-2:30 Tu-Sa
5:30-9:30 Tu-Sa
Now owned by Asians; food not so Basque now.
Bakersfield Chateau Basque 101 Union Ave.
(1 blk. N. of Hwy. 58 Fwy.)
(661) 325-1316
(805) 395-9323
11:30-2 Tu-Sa
5:30-9:30 Tu-Th
5:30-10 F-Sa
1-9:30 Sn & Hol
Bakersfield Maitia's Basque Cafe 4420 Coffee Rd Ste A (661) 587-9055.   CLOSED
Bakersfield Narduccis Cafe 622 E. 21st St (661) 324-2961 Monday through Saturday
5 to 9 p.m.
Bakersfield Noriega's 525 Sumner St. (661) 322-8419 7a-9a Tu-Sn
12 Noon sharp only Tu-Sn
7:00p sharp only Tu-Sn
Reservations highly recommended
Bakersfield Pyrenees Cafe 601 Sumner St.
(E. of Union at Kern & 21st)
(661) 323-0053 11:30-1:30 M-Sa
6:30-8 M-Th
6:30-8:30 F-Sa
Bakersfield Wool Growers 620 E. 19th St.
(1/2 blk. W. of Baker)
(661) 327-9584 11-2 M-Sa
6-9:30 M-Sa
(Butte County, 41 mi. S. of Red Bluff on Hwy. 99)

Basque Norte 3355 Esplanade (530) 891-5205 5:30-? W-Sa, 5-9 Sn  
(San Bernardino County, 5 mi. S.E. of Pomona)

Centro Basco 13432 Central Ave.
(between Chino Ave. & Schaefer)
(909) 628-9014
(909) 628-1331
11-2 Tu-F
5-9:30 Tu-Sa
4-9 Sn
Chino Pyrenees 13390 Central Ave. (909) 628-6500 11-2 M-Sa
5-9:30 M-Sa
(Fresno County, 30 mi. S.E. of Los Banos on Hwy. 33)

Leku Ona 1641 N St. (209) 659-3994 11a-9p M-Sn CLOSED
Fresno Basque Hotel 1102 F St. (209) 233-2286 11:30-2 Tu-Sn
4:30-9 Tu-Sn
Fresno Santa Fe Basque
Restaurant and Bar
3011 N Maroa Ave Phone 559.226.7499
Cell 559.226.3646
Lunch served everyday 11:00 - 2:00
Dinner served 5-9 Mon.-Sat.
4:30 - 8 on Sunday
Web Site
(Kings County, 34 mi. S. of Fresno)

Justo's 129 W. 7th St. (209) 583-7713 11-2 M-Sa
5-9 M-Th & Sn, 5-10 F-Sa
also "to go"
La Puente
(Los Angeles County, 12 mi. W. of Pomona)

Le Chalet Basque 119 S. 2nd St. (626) 330-9033 Lunch & Dinner M-Sa  
Los Banos
(Merced County)

Chalet Basque 1639 E. Pacheco Blvd.
(Hwy. 152)
(209) 826-1400 11:30-2 M-Sn
5:30-9:30 M-Th
5:30-10 F-Sa
4:30-9 Sn
Los Banos

Wool Growers 609 H St. (209) 826-4593 11:30-2 Tu-Sn
5-9 Tu-S
(Colusa County, 11 mi. N. of Williams on I-5)

Chateau Basque Hwy. 99W & Oak (916) 438-2800 Breakfast Sa-Sn
10a-10p W-Su
(Placer County, 6 mi. S.E. of Truckee on Hwy. 267)

Basque Club Hwy. 267 & Northstar Dr. (near golf course) (916) 562-2460 (916) 587-0 Dinner - ski season only  
(Kern County, 12 mi. N. of Lancaster)

Villa Basque 4417 W. Rosamond Blvd. (805) 256-4182 11:30-1:30 Tu-Sa
6-9:30 Tu-Sa, 5-9:30 Sn
San Francisco

Iluna Basque 701 Union Street (at Powell) 415-402-0011 Sunday to Thursday, 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Friday to Saturday, 5:30pm - 11:30pm
San Francisco

Piperade 1015 Battery St 415-391-2555 Lunch hours: Monday to Friday, 11:30am - 3:00pm
Dinner hours: Monday to Saturday, 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Closed on Sunday
San Francisco

Basque Hotel 15 Romolo Pl.
(uphill alley off Broadway between Columbus & Kearny)
(415) 788-9404 5-9:30 Tu-F
5-10 Sa-Sn
San Francisco

Des Alpes 732 Broadway (415) 391-4249
(415) 788-9900
5:30-10 Tu-Sn CLOSED
San Juan Bautista

Matxain Etxea 206 4th St (831)623-4472
San Miguel

Tenth Street Cafe Fixed price meals at $25
San Rafael
(Marin County)

Cafe Villa Basque 1600 Lincoln Ave. (415) 459-6161 11-2 M-Sa
5-9:30 M-Sa
San Rafael

Le Chalet Basque 405 N. San Pedro Rd. (415) 479-1070 11:30-2 Tu-F & Sn
5-10 Tu-Sn
(Marin County)

Guernica 2009 Bridgeway (415) 332-1512 5-9 M-Th & Sn
5-9:30 F-Sa
South San Francisco
(San Mateo County)

Basque Cultural Center 599 Railroad Ave. (650) 583-8091 11:30-2 Tu-F
5:30-9:15 Tu-Sa
5-9 Sn
(Yolo County, 13 mi. N. of Vacaville on I-505, near Lake Berryessa)

Arnaud's 1123 Grant Ave.
(Hwy. 128)
(916) 795-3404 5-9 F-Sn NO LONGER BASQUE



Gernika 202 S. Capitol Blvd. ??? ??? Owned by Dan Ansotegui

Leku Ona 117 S. 6th St (208) 345-6665 In the heart of Boise's Basque Block!
Owned by Joe and Miren Artiach
Garden City
(suburb of Boise)

(attached to Ranch Club)
3544 Chinden Blvd.
(Exit 49 from I-84, then follow signs to Garden City)
(208) 343-6464 11:30-2 M-F
5:30-10 M-Sa

The Gooding Idaho Basque Association ??? ??? Has a dinner open to the public on the first Friday of each month, 6:00 to 9:00 PM. website

Epi's Basque Restaurant 1115 N. Main St. (208) 884-0142 ??? Owned by Chris Ansotegui and Gina Urquidi
Mountain Home

Joe's Club 185 S. 2nd E. (208) 587-5055 11-2 W-F
5-10 M-Sa
Twin Falls

The Basque Kitchen 360 Main Avenue North (208)733-9231 12-10 m-F
7-10 Sa



Biltoki 405 Silver St. (775) 738-9691 4:30-10 Th-Tu CLOSED

Nevada Dinner House 351 Silver St. (775) 738-8485 5-10 Tu-Sn CLOSED

Star Hotel 246 Silver St. (775) 738-9925
(775) 753-8696
11:30-2 M-F
5-9:30 M-Sa

Toki Ona 1550 Idaho St. (775) 738-3214 6a-9:30p M-Sn  

Brenda's Basque Dining 125 E. Center Street 775-423-8987 4:00 - 9:00 Tuesday-Saturday Open for special occasions and parties any day or time.

Overland Hotel 125 E. Center Street (775) 423-2719   website
(18 mi. S. of Carson City on U.S. 395)

Carson Valley Country Club 1029 Riverview Dr.
(2 mi. S. of town on U.S. 395)
(775) 265-3715 6-9 M & W-F
5:30-9 Sa
5-8 Sn
Gardnerville J & T 1426 S. Main St. (775) 782-2074 11:30-2 M-Sa
5:30-9 M-Sa
Gardnerville Overland Hotel 691 S. Main St. (U.S. 395) (775) 782-2138 12-2 Tu-Sn
4:45-9:30 Tu-Sn

Louis' Basque Corner 301 E. 4th St. (775) 323-7203 11-2 Tu-Sa
5-9:30 M-Sn

Santa Fe Hotel 235 N. Lake St. (775) 323-1891 12:30-2 W-F
6-9 M-Sn

Martin Hotel W. Railroad & Melarkey (775) 623-3197 11-2 M-F
5-9:30 M-Sn

Ormachea's Dinner House 180 Melarkey (775) 623-3455 4:30-10 Tu-Sn  

Restaurante San Fermin 485 W. Winnemucca Blvd. (775) 625-2555 5-10 Th-Tu CLOSED

Winnemucca Hotel
"Since 1863"
95 Bridge St. (775) 623-2908 12-1 M-Sa
6:15-9 M-Sa
"Since 1863", now CLOSED

New Jersey

Dover Jai-Alai 73 W Blackwell St Tel:(973) 989-0916   website
Newark Casa Vasca 141 Elm St Tel:(973) 465-1350 Mon-Sat: 11:00 AM-10:00 PM
Sun: 11:00 AM-11:00 PM

New York

New York City Marichu 342 east 46th street (between 1st and 2nd avenues)
Of course, right around the corner from The United Nations
Tel:(212)370-1866 ??? CLOSED
New York City Pintxos 510 Greenwich St Tel:(212) 343-9923 Lunch: M-F 11:30-3:30
Dinner: M-Th: 11:30AM-10PM, F: 11:30AM-11PM, Sat: 4PM-11PM


Jordan Valley
(near Idaho border; 60 mi. S. of Caldwell, Idaho on U.S. 95)

The Old Basque Inn 306 W. Wroten St.
(on W. side of U.S. Hwy. 95 just N. of right-angle turn)
(541) 586-2800
FAX: 541-586-2899
email: basqueinn@m-hip.com
4pm to 10pm, Wed thru Sun Now Open
Owners: Boco & Robin Henry

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