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buber.net > Basque > Food > Finding Angulas
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Finding Angulas

Jonathan R. Matias sent me the following letter:

My company, Poseidon Ocean Sciences, has been supporting development of marine products in various countries. One product which became of major interest was angulas because, as pointed by some of our Basque stockholders, it commands a high price and is increasingly becoming rare in Europe and will come into government restrictions.

We have now succeeded in developing a product from baby eels coming from Philippines--ANGULAS DE FILIPINAS. This is produced by our subsidiary company, Bonitas Seafoods in the Philippines. Unlike the surimi variety, Angulas de Filipinas is real angulas harvested with fine nets by villagers through traditional fishing techniques in pristine tributaries far away from major cities, maintained at our aquaculture farm and shipped frozen to Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong and United States where we are supplying specialty rstaurants.

We believe that alternative resources need to be developed so we may minimize the harvesting pressures in one area of the world, such as Europe, for our angula delicacy. One alternative we offer is our angulas from the Philippine Islands, once for 300 years a part of the Spanish Empire.

This new angulas is well accepted in fine restaurants. It has a unique taste and well worth trying. For those who might wish to try Angulas de Filipinas, please feel free to contact me at Poseidon Ocean Sciences, Inc. (350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10118) or call at 718-454-1931 fax 718-468-0870.

Tim Harris writes:

I was reading about the "warning about Angulas" on your web site and just wanted to let you know that we have the real deal in 4oz and 9oz cans, packed in olive oil at www.tienda.com . We also have fresh frozen buckets of angulas.

Both are imported from Spain.

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