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Basque Folklore and Traditions

The Basques converted to Christianity relatively late, but when they did, they did so with fervor. However, their pre-Christian folklore and mythology is as rich as any other culture's. The Basque culture also features a number of traditions that are both familiar to other European cultures and unique to the Basques.
Folklore and Traditions
These articles were taken from "Folklore and Traditions", one of the series of "The Basque Country, Come and then pass the word" promotional items published by the Basque Government in the early 1990s (2nd edition, January 1993 Author: Angel Murua, Published by: Gobierno Vasco, Departamento de Comercio, Consuma, y Turismo. Viceconsejeria de Turismo). They offer a very nice introduction to the Folk customs of the Basque people.
Myths and Legends
While the Basques have a rich tradition of myths and legends, relatively little is published in English. Here are a few stories and articles about Basque mythology in English
Jaiak: Holidays and Fiestas
Fiestas are a big part of the Basque experience. Every town has at least one fiesta on its saint's day. Probably the most famous Basque fiesta is the fiesta of San Fermin, also known as the running of the bulls, in Pamplona.
Basque Symbols
At any Basque gathering, there are a number of ubiquitous symbols, including the ikurrina (Basque flag) and the lauburu (Basque cross).
Basque Architecture
Basque architecture ranges from the traditional baserriak or farm houses to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. I don't have any links for this section yet, but hope to fill it in soon.
Basque Traditions
The Basques had their own way of looking at the night sky. It seems they were also at one time a matriarchal society.
Kultur eta Dantza Taldeak * Dance and Culture Groups * Grupos de Danzas y Culturales * Groupes Danse et Culturels
Dance is an important part of Basque culture and is one of the principal ways that Basque-Americans express their Basque identity.

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