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buber.net > Basque > Diaspora > Basque Families of Antioquia, Colombia
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Basque Families of Antioquia, Colombia

Surnames beginning with C

by Pieter Hartog

The following is an extract from Colombian publications on this subject, and does not only cover pure Basque families but as well families from adjacent provinces from the Spanish Kingdom.

Following families are considered nowadays "Antioqe\361an" or "Paisa", as typical from the department of Antioquia (Colombia). Note that close to a 100% of these families entered the territory of nowadays Colombia through the port of Cartagena de las Indias. In a seperate e-mail I will give you some info on families who did not travel further into Colombia, but stayed in Cartagena or closeby located coastal cities or townships.

Ignacio de Castañeda, born in Bilbao around 1645-1650, was the first of
this family to arrive in Antioquia.
He was the son of Juan de Castañeda Isla (son of Sebastián de Castañeda x
Ursula de Isla) x María Ortiz de Ugalde (daughter of Diego Ugalde de
Salazar y Lagarcha x Agustina de Escuza)

He married around 1675 in Santafé de Antioquia Gertrudis de Atehortúa
(daughter of Antonio de Atehortúa x Francisca Zapata). Out of this
1) Maria Javiera de Castañeda x Antonio Londoño
2) Ignacio de Castañeda x Javiera Londoño (sister of Antonio Londoño)
3) Javier de Castañeda

Ignacio de Castañeda died before 1688, as his widow was then married with
Pedro del Mazo (see also family ATEHORTÚA).
Further no info at hand on any descendants out of the marriage between
Ignacio de Castañeda x Javiera Londoño.

Martin Chavarriaga, originally from Usurbil in Vizcaya, was the founder of
the Chavarriaga family in Antioquia.
There is no information available on his parents or grandparents.
He married in Medellín on October 8th 1668 with Josefa Alvarez del Pino,
widow of José Mejía de Tobar.

I) Martín Chavarriaga x (Medellín) Josefa Alvarez del Pino
  II)a. Juan Bautista Chavarriaga Alvarez x (Medellín, September 29th 1700)
Catalina Echagüe (daughter
        of José Echagüe y Andia x Gregoria de Angulo)
     III)a. Francisco Javier Chavarriaga x Juana de Puerta  
     III)b. Salvador Chavarriaga x (1) (Medellín) Angela Mejía (daughter of
José Mejía x Ignacia Restrepo)
        IV)a. José Antonio Chavarriaga x (1) (Medellín) Maria Antonia
Micaela Agudelo - José Antonio 
                Chavarriaga died in Medellín after July 17th 1825 (date of
last will)
            V)a. Angela María Chavarriaga x José Henao
                                                      x (2) Maria Antonia
Cuartas (daughter of Juan Lorenzo Cuartas x
                                                              Ana María
            V)b. Josefa Chavarriaga x Francisco Tirado
            V)c. José Antonio Chavarriaga x Petronila Posada
(widow)(daughter of Manuel Posada x
                   Luisa Restrepo)
            V)d. Nicolás Chavarriaga x Bárbara Cárdenas (daughter of
Jacinto Cárdenas x Andrea Jiménez)
            V)e. Juana Chavarriaga x Jorge Cárdenas Jiménez (brother of
Bárbara Cárdenas)
            V)f.  Juan Francisco Chavarriaga x Candelaria Montoya (daughter
of José María Montoya x
                   María Ignacia Mora)
                   VI)a. Braulio Chavarriaga
                   VI)b. Antonio Chavarriaga x María del Carmen Vélez
                       VII)a. Magdalena Chavarriaga x Pablo Emilio Escobar
                       VII)b. Amelia Chavarriaga x Luis María Escobar
                       VII)c. Elvira Chavarriaga x Gustavo Greiff
                       VII)d. Francisco Antonio Chavarriaga
                       VII)e. Elías Chavarriaga 
            V)g. Micaela Chavarriaga x Salvador Molina
            V)h. Ana Joaquina Chavarriaga x Rafael Torres
            V)i. Juan de Dios Chavarriaga x Bernabela Tirado (daughter of
Esteban Tirado x María Antonia
                  Dávila) Note: daughter out of this marriage married with
a brother of her grandfather, see
                  IV c., 4th marriage!
        IV)b. Miguel Chavarriaga x Teresa Mesa (daughter of Cristóbal Mesa
x Angela Tóbon)
        IV)c. Lorenzo Chavarriaga x (1) Joaquina Gallo (daughter of Agustín
Gallo x Maria Antonia Medina)
                                                (2) María del Socorro
Acosta (daughter of Antonio Acosta x Ignacia
                                                (3) Isabel Ortega (widow of
Pablo Arango Gómez)
                                                (4) Juliana Chavarriaga
(daughter of Juan de Dios Chavarriaga x 
                                                     Bernabela Tirado)
        IV)d. Francisco Chavarriaga x Micaela González Dávila (daughter of
Carlos González x Gertrudis
        IV)e. Maria Ignacia Chavarriaga x Vicente Toro (son of José Toro x
Bárbara Fernández)
        IV) f. Micaela Chavarriaga x Antonio Hurtado (son of Manuel Hurtado
x Micaela Ponce de León)
        IV)g. Luisa Chavarriaga x Javier Sampedro (daughter of Juan
Sampedro x Ignacia Gómez)
                                            x (2) (Medellín) Rosalía Toro
(daughter of Ignacio Toro x María Antonia Franco)
        IV)h. María de Jesús Chavarriaga x Miguel Ribera
        IV) i. Cecilia Chavarriaga x (1) Francisco Tóbon
                                               (2) Joaquin Gómez
        IV) j. María de la Luz Chavarriaga x Santos Montoya (she was
married three times, but we only
                know the name of the first husband) 
     III)c. Miguel Jerónimo Chavarriaga x Ignacia González
     III)d. Gregoria Ignacia Chavarriaga x Francisco Calderón de la Barca
     III)e. Francisca Chavarriaga x (1) Diego López Mejía
                                             x (2) Juan José Ribas
     III) f. Juana Rosa Chavarriaga x N. Monsalve
     III)g. Antonia Chavarriaga x Manuel Ponce de León
  II)b. Gertrudis Chavarriaga x Antonio de Mesa (son of Juan Bautista de
Mesa x Antonia Alvarez del Pino)
  II)c. Ana María Chavarriaga x José de Lezcano Urnieta

So far surnames starting with a "B". Next time letter "C".

All the best

Pieter Hartog

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