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buber.net > Basque > Diaspora > Basque Families of Antioquia, Colombia
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Basque Families of Antioquia, Colombia

Surnames beginning with B

by Pieter Hartog

The following is an extract from Colombian publications on this subject, and does not only cover pure Basque families but as well families from adjacent provinces from the Spanish Kingdom.

Following families are considered nowadays "Antioqe\361an" or "Paisa", as typical from the department of Antioquia (Colombia). Note that close to a 100% of these families entered the territory of nowadays Colombia through the port of Cartagena de las Indias. In a seperate e-mail I will give you some info on families who did not travel further into Colombia, but stayed in Cartagena or closeby located coastal cities or townships.

José Baena is believed to be the first with this surname to have arrived in
Antioquia. The only thing we know is that he came originally from Vizcaya,
but we have no information on date of birth, place of birth, or ancestors
in the Basque Country.

I) José Baena x (Medellin, 12th june 1735) Marina de la Sierra (daughter of
Ignacio López de la Sierra x
   Magdalena de Restrepo)

II) a) Pedro Baena x Maria Ignacia Posada (daughter of Miguel Posada x
Marta Arango)
       III)1.a. Rafael Bena x Maria de Jesús Mesa (daughter of Miguel Mesa
x Aurelia Hernández)
       III)1.b. Januario Baena x Clara Avendaño Carvajal
       III)1.c. José Miguel Baena x (1) Maria Arboleda (daughter of Manuel
Arboleda x Rosalio Flórez)
                                             x (2) Januaria Gutiérrez
(daughter of Miguel Gutiérrez x Edugivis Monsalve)
       III)1.d. Juan José Baena x Mariana Sánchez (daughter of Antonio
Sánchez x Joaquina Trujillo)
       III)1.e. Ramón Baena x Maria Antonia González (daughter of Vicente
González x Florentina Posada)
       III)1.f. Dominga Baena x Cornelio Velásquez (son of José Ignacio
Velásquez x Josefa Tamayo)
       III)1.g. Josefa Maria Baena x Gabriel Alvarez (son of Pablo Alvarez
x Ana Maria Velásquez)
       III)1.h. Juana Maria Baena x Antonio Jiménez (son of Vicente Jiménez
x Rosalia Duque)       
   b) Carlos Baena x Melchora Mejía (daughter of Manuel Vicente Mejía x
Nicolasa Rodríguez Luján)
       III)2.a. Rafael Baena x Tecla Palacio Isaza (daughter Felipe Palacio
Guerra x Mariana Isaza Cadavid)
          IV) a. Francisco Baena x (Abejorral) Laureana Arango (daughter of
Pedro Pablo Arango x Cipriana
          IV) b. Valeriano Baena x Juliana Arango Mejía
                   V) a. Claudio Baena - priest
                   V) b. Rafael Baena - priest
          IV) c. Bonifacio Baena x (Abejorral) Timotea Gutiérrez (daughter
of José Antonio Gutiérrez x
                   María Antonia Echeverri)
          IV) d. Emeterio Baena x (El Retiro or La Ceja) Ana María Uribe
(daughter of Vicente Uribe x 
                   Rosalia Restrepo)
       III)2.b. Inés Baena x Vicente Gómez (son of Vicente Gómez x
Margarita Hoyos)
       III)2.c. Magdalena Baena x Nicolás de Ossa (son of Diego de Ossa x
Lucía Gómez)
       III)2.d. Jacobo Baena x Gregoria Gómez (daughter of Francisco Javier
Gómez x Josefa Gómez) 
   c) Juan de Dios Baena x Micaela García (daughter of Pedro García x Rosa
       III)3.a. Catalina Baena x José Maria Escobar (son of José Escobar x
Teresa Ribera Gutiérrez)
       III)3.b. Dionisio Baena x Rafaela Garcés Arcila 
       III)3.c. Dominga Baena x Francisco Miguel Escobar
   d) Florencio Baena x María Antonia Palacio (daughter of Manuel Palacio x
Ignacia Mejía)
       III)4.a. María Jesús Baena x Vicente Posada Arango (son of Miguel
Posada x Ana Marta Arango)
       III)4.b. Juana Baena x Francisco Arias
       III)4.c. Tomás Baena x Juana Gómez
   e) María Ignacia Baena x José Correa Restrepo

Juan Bautista Barreneche was the first with this surname to appear in
He was born on March 11th 1743 in Berroeta, Valey of Baztán (Kingdom of

He was the son of Juan Martín de Barreneche x Catalina Indart. Grandparents
from father´s side were Juan de Barreneche x Josefa de Inda (daughter of
Juan de Inda x Estefanía de Iriartea), grandparents from mother´s side were
Martín de Indart (son of Juanesto de Indart x María Menor de Echenique) x
Josefa Echenique (baptised 14th November 1667, daughter of Pedro Echenique
y Unandegua x María de Gortaria).
His great-grandparents were Pedro Barreneche e Irribarren x Catalina de
Oronocena (father´s side).

The Barreneche family belonged to the houses of Irribaren, Oronocena, Inda
and Gortaria - all of the Valley of Berroeta - and the Indartea family of
Garzaín (village of Arzanoa). According to information at hand, the coat of
arms of the Barreneche family was in plain black and white, without any
special marks.

Juan Bautista Barreneche left Berroeta in 1760 (when he was 17 years old)
for Cartagena de las Indias.
He married in Cartagena:

I) Juan Bautista Barreneche x Teresa Sánchez Rodera (daughter of Vicente
Sánchez Rodera x 
   Nicolasa Sánchez de Guzmán). The family with children (all born
Cartagena) moved in 1773 to Medellín.
   II) a. José Maria Barreneche x Mariana Carraquilla (daughter of Miguel
Carrasquilla x Clara Rosa
      III) 1.a Felipe Barreneche x Eduvigis Restrepo (daughter of Ambroso
Restrepo González x 
                Andrea Restrepo Puerta). Felipe Barreneche died some days
after the birth of his only son.
                IV) 1.a.José Maria Barreneche x María del Rosario Estrada
(daughter of Domingo Estrada
                           Restrepo x Mariana Restrepo). He moved from
Medellín to Santodomingo. 
      III) 1.b.Nicolás Barreneche x Paula Isaza (daughter of Mariano Isaza
x Ignacia Jaramillo)
                IV) 2.a. Nicolasa Barreneche x Severo Villegas
   II) b. Francisco Barreneche x (Envigado) María Josefa Escobar (daughter
of Aurelio Escobar x
          Rosalia Correa
      III) 2.a. Mariano Barreneche x (1) (Santa Marta) Rosa Muniva
(daughter of Francisca Munive)
                IV) 3.a.Rosa Maria Barreneche x Cayetano Lombana
                                                 (2) (Santa Marta) Teresa
Diáz Granados (daughter of Ignacio Díaz
                Granados x Concepción Torres)
                IV) 3.b Camilo Barreneche

                Mariano Barreneche was very much involved in the
independance wars. He fought together with
                José Maria Córdoba at the battles of Cartagena and moved
with the troops to Peru.
                Fought as well in the battles of Pichincha, Junín and
Ayacucho. Accompanied José Maria
                Cordóba in El Santuario. Moved in 1840 to Jamaica and
returned thereafter to Santa Marta
                in Colombia, where he married two times (see above).
      III) 2.b.Gertrudis Barreneche x Cristóbal Vélez (son of José María
Vélez x María Antonio Fernández
                Uribe) -- parents of general Marceliana Vélez
      III) 2.c.Antonio Maria Barreneche x (Envigado) Maria Josefa Escobar
(daughter of Francisco José 
                Escobar x Antonina Ochoa)
                IV) 4.a.Venancia Barreneche x Cesáreo Vásquez (son of José
Antonio Vásquez x Rosa Uribe)
                IV) 4.b.Manuel Barreneche x Camila Correa (daughter of José
Mariá Correa x Benigna Ochoa)
                IV) 4.c.Indalecio Barreneche x Bárbara Vásquez (daughter of
José Antonio Vásquez x Rosa
                IV) 4.d.Cipriano Barreneche
                IV) 4.e.Justino Barreneche
                IV) 4.f. Rosa Antonia Barreneche
                IV) 4.g. Claudina Barreneche
      III)2.d. María Josefa Barreneche x Felipe Villegas (son of Isidoro
Villegas Londoño x Marciana 
   II) c. Juan Bautista Barreneche x Joaquina Arango Vélez (daughter of
Joaquin Arango x Josefa Vélez)
       III) 3.a María Ascensión Barreneche x José María Osorio (son of Juan
José Osorio x Narcisa Ruiz)
   II) d. Juana Barreneche x (1) Rafael Cobaleda
                                     x (2) José Antonio Vélez
   II) e. Teresa Barreneche x Juan Crisóstomo Puche
   II) f. Josefa Barreneche - unmarried

What I have found sofar is not really indicating that this family came from
the Basque Country. In case I do find more info, will issue this in a later

So far surnames starting with a "B". Next time letter "C".

All the best

Pieter Hartog

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