Uberoaga comes from ur (water), bero (hot), and aga (place), giving hot springs. Other variations of the same name are Urberuaga and Uberuaga.

History and Locality
Caserios with this name exist in Zenarruza-Bolivar (Barrio de Urberuaga) (today this town belongs to the Municipality of Markina) and in Forua (near Gernika) where there are three caserios with this name. Your family probably originates from the first, since it is in the area of Lekeitio-Markina... In 1704, a Juan Uberoaga lived in this caserio and in 1796 a Francisco Garro (in 1745 the caserio appears as Uberuaga, which depended on the person who transcribed the name), so it seems to be that your family left the caserio Uberoaga between 1704 and 1745. Possibly, a woman that married a Garro inherited it. In 1699, Francisco de Uberoaga proved his nobility before the Justicia ordinaria of Tolosa and Pedro de Uberoaga did so before that of Eibar in 1709. In the book Diccionario Onomastico y Heraldico Vasco by Jaime Kerexeta it says ``Uberuaga: 1. En Bizkaia, en Boise (Idaho, USA) y Uruguay 2. Variante de Uberoaga'' Pg 261, volume IV

Coat of Arms
Escudo de azur con tres ondas de plata.