This surname, MENACA, originated in Vizcaya during the 15th century.

It is a derrivitive of the surname, MENA with the suffix "aka" or "ka" which shows locality (meaning "sitio de" or "place of").

This is all that was listed for MENACA in the Diccionario Onomastico y Heraldico Vasco by Jaime de Querexeta. I did not find mention of it in any other writings.


Found in the valley of Mena (Alava, which today is Burgos), with branches in Bilbao and in Dima (Vizcaya) and it appears to have also moved from there into Navarre.

It appears to mean mineral or a vein of mineral deposits, however at least one author, Lopez Mendizabal, holds that its meaning is pastoral.

The Coat of Arms for those in the Valley of Mena is:

Divided horizontally, The upper half is a field of silver on which two walking black wolves face each other. The lower half is red, on which is set a gold cauldron. There are at least 5 other coats mentioned. You would need to know from where your family came to be able to see which might pertain to your family.