Kareaga comes from kare (lime) and aga (place) so it could be limy place.

History and Locality
There are caserios with this name in various places. Those closest to the area of your family are Markina-Xemein and again Murelaga for which we continue with our hypothesis that your family is from Murelaga. In 1704, a Catalina Kareaga lived in the caserio Kareaga (barrio of Murelaga), in 1745 a Juan Kareaga (in this census they denominated by barrio (barrio of Ibarrola y Zetokiz)), in 1796, Juan and Francisca Kareaga (the barrio was denominated as Cofradia de Zetokiz). Although in the barrio of Narea lived another Juan Kareaga, the censuses indicate that he is the owner of the house so both Juan Kareagas could be the same person.

Coat of Arms
De oro con un arbol de sinople y dos lobos de sable atravesados a su tronco. Bordura jaquelada de plata y gules, en dos ordenes.