DICHARRY Kerexeta says that the origin is Laburdi, the initial D is very tipical in many Basque French surnames, and is an agregation, to put an example I use offenly to write my surname as De Ormaetxea, but in France people use D plus an apostrophe, so the surname is not Dicharry but Itxarri, well there are two theories about this surname

Theory 1.- The surname comes from AXERI, AXARI that means "the fox", used as an old name, The basques used to have names of animals (Ex. the basque name Otxoa means "Wolf" it was translated to the lathin Lupo that gaves Lope or Lopez)

Theory 2.- The original surname is Etxarri, composed by Etxe, that as you know means house, and Arri that means stone, so the meaning can be House made with stones, or also The house in the stony place I prefer the second Theory, from the surname Echarri came D'Etxarri and then Dicharry.

Families with this surname: In Benabarra: Bidarrai. In Laburdi: Anglet, Baiona, Biarritz, St. Jean de Luz, Urruna,. There are also families in the French regions of Gascogne and Bearn.