BASTARACHE The variations of the same name that I have found are: Bazterretxea, Baztarretxe, Baztarretxea, Basteireix, Basterechea, Basterretxe,Bastereis, Basterreise, Basterreix, etc, can chanche the TX for CH, or for TCH, and the Z for an S, and you will have a lot of variations. The meaning of the surname is BAZTER: border, corner, limit, contiguous, and ETXE: house, so the meaning is somethin like The house in the Corner, or in the limit.

There are various houses in the basque Country with these names, but as you believe that your ancestor comes fron Laburdi, the most simmilar name of house that I have found is BASTARRETXE, documented in SARA, in Laburdi (Labourd) in 1609 (of course can be much more older) .

The coat of arms of this house is: En gules, diez losanjes de plata puestos en tres palos y uno en punta ( In Red field, ten silver rhombs or diamonds, in three lines (3,3,3) and one in the bottom.)

In the Basque Country there is not rated any family , writing their name as BASTARACHE , so I think is a variation originated in America, and of corse all the clans writing Bastarache have a common origin. There is a family Bastarrachea in Mexico, Bastarreche in Argentina, and Bastarrechea in Argentina. [Note from Blas: Ther is also one in Homedale, Idaho, USA]