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buber.net > Basque > Food > Recipes > Pil-Pil Cod
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Pil-Pil Cod

by Maite Arnaiz Aranzasti, Juan Carlos Lopez Duque


This recipe sent to me by Maite Arnaiz Aranzasti and Juan Carlos Lopez Duque


4 pieces of salt cod ( 8x8 cm. each).
200 cc de olive oil.
2 cove of garlic


Cut the salted con into 8x8 pieces. You take the salted cod and must allow it to lose most of its salt by putting it in cold water for 48 hours into the fridge, changing water three times, at least.

Slice the garlic and golden it in a quarter litre of olive oil (good quality olive oil, one degre of acidity). When the garlic is golden, you take them out of the oil and keep them aside for later use.

Allow the oil to cool and place the pieces of desalted of cod with its skin face upwards, (there's much discussing about the skin's face position business, half of the population thinks the skin must be upwards, the other half think the opposite, we ourselves think that this matter is absolutely irrelevant). At this stage the most difficult task starts: the cacerole, which must be places near the cooker fire but not on it (it's very important that the fish doesn't fry), with the cod and oil is gently moved from side to side, so that the oil become thick mixed up with the cod's jelly, the final result must be something similar to a soft mayonese sauce.

The presentation of this dish is decorated with the slices of golden garlic you had left aside and a pinch of hot pepper.

Here in the Basque Country this recipe is considered to be very difficult. If anybody could perform this dish the first time, please let us know, because you'd be considered a very good chef.

Robin Tichy writes: I tried your cod pil pil recipe last night. Your right it is hard, but I think for those of us who don't need to be 100% traditional you might want to recommend the following way to cheat to get the sauce emulsified: Take the fish out when the emulsification begins (ie bubbling around fish) turn heat up a little and use a wire wisk rapid back and forth until sauce is thick. Worked on the first try!

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