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buber.net > Basque > Food > Recipes > Angulas Support Group
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Angulas Support Group

by Jose A. Zorrilla

Continuing my subdued approach to cooking i would like to offer you the complete reference of silverfish in case you want to try this angulas ersatz. That will do for this week.

The complete name of the product is:

Produced by Cheng Hai Lake Silver Fish
Processing Factory Yong Shen County
Packed by Niu Jie from the factory Fo Ku
Nming City, Yunan, China.

In Toronto you can find them in Wah Yan Supermarket
253-259 Spadina Rd.
Tel (416) 974 9338

Better have some Chinese speaking buddy besides you, their English is peculiar to say it politely.

As to the clams, the variety you need to cook basque dishes is Manila clams. Good luck.

I expect you to reciprocate and give away your well kept gastronomic tuyaux.


Jose A. Zorrilla
Fax 416-925-4949

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