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buber.net > Basque > Food > Recipes > Codfish with Green Peppers
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Codfish with Green Peppers

by Juan Etxenike

As now is time of Sagardoa and a lot of people will now be in Astigarraga, Hernani or somewhere else but sure that having fun in all the Sagardotegis. My recipe will be fried codfish with green peppers:


 - Cod fish
 - Green peppers
 - flour
 - oil
 - salt
You go to Donostia's market early in the morning and by a fresh and big piece of cod fish then you take your car (or go by train if you don't have any) ,try to go to ordizia (for example) on market day (I don't know which day of the week it is) an once there buy some green pepper. In the way back stop in Astigarraga, go to a sagardotegi and buy 5 or 6 bottles of their cider. Once at home you have to cut the cod and add salt to it, cover it with flour and add to the pan with hot olive oil in it. Then slice the peppers and once the cod is starting to get a little bit brown retire the cod from the pan and add the peppers to the same oil in which the cod was frying. Cover the pan after adding the peppers little drops of boiling oil can splash on your arms and it's disgusting. Don't cook the peppers at very high temperature as they may burn and show a horrible black coulour.

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