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buber.net > Basque > Food > Recipes > Chorizo
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by Tim Ugaldea

Kaixo, I grew up in Winnemucca, Nevada. My grandparents came from the old country and lived their lives in Paradise Valley, Nevada. This is the recipe my Amama used for Chorizo's. I've used it and it seems to vary with the peppers used and the garlic. The smallest I make is 10lbs so you can start with that and if you hit a good blend just make more.

Red peppers  about 1lb Annehiem red sweet chilis to yield 3 cups pulp
             soak overnight and scrape pulp from skin. Don't use
             the skin!!
10lb pork shoulder course ground
3 cups pepper pulp
garlic-5-10 cloves
(the old way is to bruise the garlic then put in several cheese cloth bags throughout the mixture) turn 3-4 times a day then remove before stuffing. or use 2 or more tbsps garlic juice OR put thru garlic press and leave in. Obviously(?) it is a matter of taste and I have yet to taste a bad chorizo.
salt-about 1/3 cup to start.

Mix all ingredients keep in cool place for 3 days-in alaska it might be under the bed- mix a few times a day. I take a little each day and make a patty, fry up and taste. Add salt or G as you like.After it is ready put in casing hang and let dry.(Amama use to put them in 5 gallons of lard to store no refridgerator for that old gal).

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