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buber.net > Basque > Euskara > Useful Basque Phrases
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Useful Basque Phrases

Greetings to start with:

  1. Some other forms (see source below):
    • (Jerusalem-en diren juduek, Egipto-n diren beren anaia juduei) agur eta bake on!
      Lit. greetings and good peace.
    • Osasun onez ongi etorri dedilla!
      Lit. (he/she be) welcome in good health.
    • Egun on ta berri on!
      Lit. good morning and good news.
    • Egun on, Jainkoak emon. - Alan ekarri.
      Lit. God give (us) a good day.
      'Emon' is Bizkaian dialect fo 'eman' to give.
    • Egun on, Jainkoak lagun! - Olan euki!
      Lit. God help us to have a good day.
    • Goiz on! Goizalde on!
      Lit. Good morning.
    • Egun on, etxekoak!
      Lit. Good morning all the people at home.

    All corrections are highly encouraged.
    This series is selected and translated without permission from: "Ortik eta emendik" (From here and there) written by Justo M. Mokoroa.

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    Eskerrik asko!