1. Ezkilak bilin-balan/blin-blan ari dira.
      Bells are pealing.
    2. Bilin-balan/blin-blan erori da.
      S/he has tumbled over and over.
    3. Tilin-talan, tilin-talanka, tilinko-talanko.
      Big bell peal or to-and-fro motion or wandering about.
    4. Tilinga.
      (A) swing.
    1. Elurra blasta-blasta joan zen.
      Snow thowed and disappeared.
    2. Ura bilist-balast(*) zebilen ontzi inguruan.
      There was a splashing around the boat.
      (*)Variations: blist-blast, pilist-palast, pilisti-palasta, plisti-plasta.
    3. Blast(*) eman zion.
      S/he slapped him/her on the face.
      (*)Variations: plast, blastada, blaustada.
    4. Plisti-plasta eman zion.
      S/he slapped him/her on the face repeatedly.

(To be continued)
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This series is selected, translated and adapted to current orthography without permission from: "Estudio sobre el euskera hablado" (A study about spoken Basque) written by Fr.Diego J.de Alzo, Donostia 1961.