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buber.net > Basque > Euskara > Learning Euskera
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Learning Euskera

Here is some information about latest material available for learning Euskara. This information was given to me by some friends who were in Euskal Herria this summer. I hope you find it useful.

BASQUE (Mario Saltararelli, 1988)
Descriptive grammars
To order it:

29 West 35 Street
New York, N.Y. 10001

I've been told that this book is no longer available from the publisher.

BUKARKA (Jose Antonio Mujika, 1993)
Four books
To order it:

ELKAR S.A. Argitaletxea
Igarabidea, 88 bis
20009 Donostia
Phone: 310267
* Recomended by AEK and HABE.

BAI HORIXE (HABE, 7 video-cassettes and 3 books)
To order it:

Foruen Pasealekua 1, 1a.
20005 Donostia
Phone: 429120

IKAS-TXIP (for IBM and compatibles, Euskara-Castillian)
With and without voice (2 versions)
To order it: HABE

You could also subscribe to HABE's magazine by writting to the above address. The name of the magazine is: HABE euskara ikasten ari garenon aldizkaria. The magazine has readings for different levels and exercises. The price is 315 pezetas each.

You can also receive material in English about Euskara by writting to the Basque government's General Secretary of Linguist Policy There is a newsletter, "Euskararen Berripapera" and a publication, "Euskal Herria, The Country of the Basque Language" both in English that can be requested free of charge from the BG. This is the address:

Eusko Jaurlaritza
Jaurlaritzako Lehendakaritzaren Idazkaritza
Hizkuntz Politkarako Idazkaritza Nagusia
Duque Wellington, 2
01011 Vitoria-Gasteiz
Alava - Spain

(P) Anzi

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