The following is an extract from Colombian publications on this subject, and does not only cover pure Basque families but as well families from adjacent provinces from the Spanish Kingdom.

Following families are considered nowadays "Antioqeñan" or "Paisa", as typical from the department of Antioquia (Colombia). Note that close to a 100% of these families entered the territory of nowadays Colombia through the port of Cartagena de las Indias. In a seperate e-mail I will give you some info on families who did not travel further into Colombia, but stayed in Cartagena or closeby located coastal cities or townships.

Family names


Captain FRANCISCO DE AGUIRRE was the first of this family to arrive in Antioquia. He arrived at the beginning of the 17th century in Antioquia, and the information at hand indicates that he was originally from Bilbao.

Short genealogy:

I) Francisco Aguirre (Bilbao) x Catalina de Ibarra (daughter of Domingo de
   Ibarra x Isabel González)
II) Francisco Aguirre (Santafé de Antioquia) x Margarita Elorza (daughter of
   Domingo de Elorza x Juana de Lezcano)
   Francisco died in Santafé de Antioquia in 1697.
III)a) Manuela Aguirre (married Antonio Tabares Guerrero)
   b) Bárbara Aguirre (married Andrés de Zabala)
   c) Nicolás Aguirre
   d) Domingo Aguirre
   e) Francisco Aguirre (married María Piedrahíta)
   f) Juana Aguirre
   e) Francisco Aguirre x María Piedrahíta, various children - of which
IV) Juan de Aguirre x Jerónima Casilda Piedrahita (marriage in Medellín,
     february 1705)

Of this marriage various descendants.


In the first half of the 18th Century PEDRO DE ALDANA arrived in Antioquia. We only know that he originally came from Vizcaya and was the son of Domingo de Aldana and Simona de Aguirre. Married with Catalina de Silva and died approximately in 1775 in Santafé de Antioquia. No known descendants.


Captain Juan de Alzate, born in San Sebastián, Guipuzcoa was the first of this family to arrive in Antioquia. He was the son of Juan de Alzate and Catalina Olais. He moved to the Americas around 1650 and established himself in Medellín. He died in Medellín on August 12th 1703.. He married twice, the first time with:

a)Mariana Melian de Betancourt (daughter of Francisco Melian de  
Betancourt x Margarita Alvarez del Pino), from which following descendants:
	1. Captain Juan Ventura Alzate x (Medellín, October 29th 1688) 
	    Francisca Legarda (daughter of Antonio Legarda x Magdalena Salazar)
		a) Mariana Alzate x Francisco López de Restrepo (son of
		    Marcos López de Restrepo x Magdalena Guerra Peláez)
		b) Francisco José Alzate x Catalina López Atuesta
			b1) Bárbara Alzate x Javier Montoya
		c) Juan Alzate x Juana María Espinosa
		d) Bernardo Alzate - priest
	2. Martín Leanordo de Alzate x Bárbara Gómez de Ureña (daughter of
	    José Gómez de Ureña x Lucia de Arnedo), from which following
		2.1 Captain Juan de Alzate x (1) Luisa Orozco (daughter of
		      Santiago Orozco Berrío x Magdalena Castaño)
			2.1.a) Rosalía Alzate x Pedro Caballero
			2.1.b) María Paula Alzate x José García 
		      x (2) Ignacia Granda (daughter of Francisco Granda x
		      Gertrudis Sánchez ) 
		2.2 Marcos Alzate x Catalina Salazar (lived in Rionegro &
		     Marinilla), from which following descendants:
			2.2.a) Luis Alzate (born January 1734) x Maria Ignacia
			         García (daughter of Rafael García x Javiera Giraldo)
			2.2.b) José Fernando Alzate, born August 1735
			2.2.c) Maria Bernabela Alzate (born June 1737)
			2.2.d) Francisco Javier Alzate (born December 28th 
			         1739) x Josefa Martínez (daughter of Francisco
			         Martínez x Silvestra Gallego
			2.2.e) Maria Ignacia Alzate (born August 1742) x José
	3. Gertrudis Alzate x Fernando de Toro (son of Cristóbal de Toro x
	    Andrea Guerra y Peláez)
	4. Magdalena Alzate x Alonso Correa Collantes
b) Juana López de Restrepo (son of Alonso López de Restrepo x Josefa Guerra
Peláez), from which following descendants:
	5. Catalina Alzate x Juan de Rivera Prieto
	6. Francisca Alzate x José León Zamarra
	7. Josefa Alzate
	8. Gregoria Alzate
	9. Pedro Alzate
	10.Félix del Espritusanto Alzate
	11.Bernardino Alzata - priest


Juan Blas de Aranzazu was the first of this family name to arrive in Antioquia. He was originally from Madaria, province of Alava. He was the son of Francisco de Aranzazu and María Santos de Zubiaga and grandchild of Esteban de Aranzazu and Francisca de Latorre (father´s side) and Juan de Zubiaga and Angela del Campo (mother´s side). The Zubiaga family was originally from Hervi (Ayala), province of Alava.

Juan Blas Aranzazu married in Pais Vazco Lucía Jerónima Tornero, originally from San Lúcar de Barrameda. Out of this marriage a son was born, Jóse María de Aranzazu.

In 1774 José María de Aranzazu sailed together with his mother, Lucía Jerónima Tornero to Nueva Granada, inorder to be reunited with his father, Juan Blas Aranzazu who had established himself in Honda and was involved in commercial activities.

Lucía Jerónima Tornero died in 1782 and Juan Blas Aranzazu married in 1784 Josefa Antonio Armero, of Mariquita (daughter of José Mesa Armero and Lucia Ruiz Montero). Out of this 2nd marriage a total of 7 children were born. Juan Blaz Aranzazu died June 7th 1802.

José Maria Aranzazu (only son from first marriage) studied in Santafé de Bogotá and after having completed his studies he moved to the department of Antioquia. He married in Rionegro María Antonia González (daughter of Cosme González x Bárbara Villegas)

Out of this marriage the most known descendant was Juan de Díos Aranzazu, born in La Ceja (del Tambo) on March 8th 1798. He was President of the Republic of Colombia from June 15th 1841 until October 20th 1841, after having been Governor for the department of Antioquia from 1832 upto 1836. He died in Bogotá April 15th 1845, unmarried.


Sebastian de Aristizábal (son of Domingo de Aristizábal x Ana Gorriaga), born around 1695 in Armaria, province of Guipúzcoa, was the first of this family name to arrive in Antioquia. He arrived in the department of Antioquia in the early 18th century and married in San Jerónimo on April 10th 1719 with Luisa de Arbeláez (daughter of Pedro López de Arbeláez x Francisco Latorre y Santiago).

Out of this marriage

1. Miguel de Aristizábal (married in Marinilla x Bernarda Jiménez, daughter of 
    Domingo Jiménez x Isabel Duque), from which marriage
	a) José Antonio Aristizábal x Rita Serna (daughter of José Serna x
                Bernarda Giraldo), from which marriage:
		a1) Juana Nepomucena Aristizábal x Juan Nepomuceno Gómez
		a2) Gregorio Aristizábal x Carmen Gómez (daughter of Francisco
		      Javíer Gómez x Josefa Gómez)
		a3) Indalecio Aristizábal x María Josefa Duque (daughter of
		      Andrés Duque x Nicolasa Gómez)
		a4) Mariá Aristizábal x Ramón Alzate 
	b) Rita Aristizábal x Miguel Mejía
	c) Bárbara Aristizábal x José Antonio Zuluaga (son of Miguel Zuluaga x
	    Rosalía Salazar)
	d) Vicente Joaquin Aristizábal - roman catholic priest
	e) Ana Maria Aristizábal - roman catholica nun
2. José Antonio Aristizábal (married x Agustina Ramírez, daughter of Juan  
  Ramírez x Josefa Jiménez), from which marriage:
	a) Félix Aristizábal x Andrea Duque (daughter of Luis Duque x María
	b) Martín Aristizábal x Encarnación Arcila Gómez (daughter of
	    Alejandro Arcila x Lorenza Gómez)
	c) Rita Aristizábal x Fermín Arcila Gómez (son of Alejandro Arcila x
	    Lorenzo Gómez)
	d) Mariana Aristizábal x Fabián Duque
	e) Juana Josefa Aristizábal x Pedro Jiménez (son of Bonifacio Jiménez x
	    Maria Ignacia Serna)
	f) Ignacia Aristizábal x Teodoro Duque (son of Luis Duque x María García)
	g) Lorenzo Aristizábal x Martina Ramos
3. Francisco Aristízábal (married x Bibiana Ramírez, daughter of Ignacio
    Ramírez x Teresa Jiménez), from which marriage:
	a) José Aristizábal x Petronila Gómez (daughter of Antonio Gómez de
	    Castro x Jerónima Jiménez). from which marriage:
		a1) Nepomuceno Aristizábal  x (1) Micaela Duque
		     x (2) Carmen Orozco
		a2) Gabriel Lino Aristizábal x Francisco Idárraga
		a3) Joaquín Aristizábal x María Ignacia Arias
		a4) María del Rosario Aristizábal x Miguel Osorio
		a5) Nicolás Aristizábal x Bernarda Gómez
		a6) José Antonio Aristizábal x Juana Martínez
		a7) Petrona Aristizábal x Antonio María Martínez
		a8) José Mariá Aristizábal x Guadalupe Martínez, from which
			a8.1) Vicente Aristizábal x Mercedes Orozco (daughter
			        of Ramón Orozco x Matilde Orozco). From this
			        family trunk many descendants in Rionegro,
	b) Nicolás Aristizábal x (1) Rosalía Zuluaga (daughter of Miguel Zuluaga x
	    Rosalía Salazar) x (2) Petrona Duque (daughter of Juan Gregoria 
	    Duque x Josefa López). From this 2nd marriage following descendants:
		b1) Ana María Aristizábal x Juan Antonio Henao
		b2) Joaquín Aristizábal
		b3) Cristanto Aristizábal x María Ramírez
		b4) Francisca Aristizábal
	c) José Ignacio Aristizábal x Maria Salazar
	d) Juan Pablo Aristizábal x (1) Luisa Gómez x (2) Carmen Naranjo
	e) Tomasa Aristizábal x Juan Crisóstomo Duque
	f) Nicolasa Aristizábal x José Antonio González
	g) Joaquín Aristizábal x Joaquina Alzate
	h) Franscisca Aristizábal x José María Salazar
	i) Luis Aristizábal

The Aristizábal family is widely spread over Antioquia, with strong presence in Medellín, Marinilla, Santodomingo and Támesis, plus some other villages. Still many data missing.


Captain Luis de Arteaga came originally from San Lúcar de Barrameda, and was a son of Juan de Arteaga and Juana Márquez. Married in Medellín on August 4th 1695 with Alfonsa Alvarez del Pino (daugther of Gregorio Alvarez and Gabriela Carcía de Ordás. From this marriage following descendants:

1. José Arteaga (died Medellín March 22nd 1775) x Gertrudis Sánchez.
    From this marriage:
	a) Lorenzo Arteaga x Josefa Yarce
	b) Manuel Arteaga
	c) Ignacio Martín Arteaga
	d) Jacinto Arteaga
	e) Miguel Arteaga x María Trinidad Yarce (daughter of José Yarce x
	    Micaela Henao) 
		e1) Jerónimo Arteaga x Josefa Morales (daughter of Antonio
		     Morales x Rita Molina), from which marriage:
			e1.1) Maria del Carmen Arteaga x Cristóbal Vegal
			        (son of Carlos Vegal x Mercedes Bohórquez)
			e1.2) Francisco Arteaga
			e1.3) Mercedes Arteaga
		e2) Josefa Arteaga x José Nicolás Monsalve
		e3) Vicente Arteaga x Josefa Monsalve
		e4) Rafaela Arteaga x Juan Salazar
		e5) José Arteaga x Lorenza Salazar
		e6) Francisco Arteaga
		e7) Bárbara Arteaga
		e8) Alberto Arteaga
	From this family trunk many descendants
2. Pedro Mateo Arteaga x Bárbara Cuartas. From this marriage:
	a) Josefa Arteaga x José Antonio Burgos (son of Francisco Burgos x
	    Juana María Puerta)
	b) Quiteria Arteaga x (1) Nicolás Gutiérrez x (2) Joaquin Salazar
	c) Juana Arteaga x Atanasio Velásquez
	d) Candelaria Arteaga x Francisco Upegui Velásquez
	e) José María Arteaga x Ignacia de Rivera
3. Rosa Arteaga x (1) Francisco Javíer Gómez x (2) José López de Arellano
4. Ignacia Arteaga x Felipe Franco (son of Pedro Franco x Gertrudis Luján)
5. Micaela Arteaga x Felipe Santiago Penagos
6. Gertrudis Arteaga x Manuel Enrique Duque (son of Manuel Duque x Jerónima
7. Manuel Ignacio Arteaga


Francisco Fernández de Arroyave was the first of this family to arrive in Colombia. We do not know from where exactly he was originating, but believe he might have been from "Pais Vazco". Married with Margarita Velásquez de Obando (daughter of Alonso Velásquez de Obando x Marcela de la Parra). From this marriage following descendants:

1. Margarita Arroyave x Juan Sánchez de la Ignosa (or Hinojosa)
2. Josefa Arroyave x Juan Antonio Bustamente
3. Manuela Arroyave x Nicolás Guerra Peláez (son of Francisco Guerra Peláez x
    Maria Graciano)
4. Teresa Arroyave x Domingo Ibáñez
5. Ignacia Arroyave x Pablo Gutiérrez de Lara (son of Miguel Gutiérrez de Lara x
    Juana de Torres Jaramillo)

There are various families in Antioquia with the family name Arroyave, but sofar no connection could be proven with the above Arroyaves:

a) Carlos Arroyave x María del Carmen Escobar, with descendants :
	a.1) José María Arroyave x Francisca García (daughter of Francisco
	      García x José María Chavarriaga), from which descents:
		a.1.1) Jenaro Arroyave


A) Tomás Pérez de Rublas, son of Juan José Pérez de Rublas and Maria Teresa de Arbizu y Beaumont was the first of this family to arrive in Antioquia, roughly around the late 18th / early 19th century. He was born in Ustes, Navarra.

Tomás Pérez de Rublas married in Santafé de Antioquia with Maria Teresa Martínez Ferreiro (daughter of Bernardo Martínez x Francisca Ferreiro). From this marriage following descendants:

1. Cecilia Arrubla x José Simeón Gómez (son of José Antonio Gómez x Manuela
2. Maria Inés Arrubla x Toribio del Corral (son of the dictator Juan del
Corral x
    Josefa Rublas)
3. Julián Arrubla x Candelaria Pontón (daughter of José María Pontón x María
    Rita Ochoa Vélez), from which following descendants:
	3a) Elvira Arrubla x Fedrico Uribe (son of Antonio Uribe x María Ochoa)
	3b) Julio Arrubla x María Elena Jaramillo (daughter of Cástor Jaramillo x
	      Susana Lalinde), from which marriage
		3b1) Julián Arrubla x Amalia Restrepo Botero
		3b2) Pepa Arrubla x Juan de Callejas
		3b3) Elena Arrubla x Marco Gómez Botero
		3b4) Isabel Arrubla x Abel Jaramillo Franco
4. Pedro Arrubla x Manuela Arias (daughter of Dr. Arias x María Jesús Correa)
5. Bautista Arrubla (died Bogotá 1884)
6. Toribio Arrubla

B) Juan Pablo Pérez de Rublas, born Ustes (Navarra) on March 10th 1738 was the brother of Tómas Pérez de Rublas. He also moved to Antioquia, and married on August 15th 1776 in Santafé de Antioquia with Rita Martínez Ferreiro (sister of Teresa Ferreiro!). Juan Pabló Pérez de Rublas died in Santafé de Antioquia on April 1st 1795. Descendants from this marriage are:

1. José María Arrubla (born Santafé de Antioquia May 4th 1780, died Bogotá
    September 10th 1816, fusilated by troops of general Morillo) x Ignacia Díaz de             
    Herrera Galvis
2. Pedro Arrubla x Estanislaa González (daughter of Rafael González x
   Francisca Zapata Ossa), from which family:
	2a) Petronila Arrubla x (1) Alejandro Arrubla ( cousin, son of
	      Manuel Antonio Arrubla and NN - relation with another woman)
	      x (2) Pedro María González (son of Indalecio González x Rita
	      Montoya Zapata
	2b) Sotera Arrubla x Dr. Román de Hoyos (son of Sacramento de
	      Hoyos x María de Villa)
3. María Josefa Arrubla x Juan del Corral
4. Manuel Antonio Arrubla (died Bogotá, November 10th 1864) x Ignacia Zuleta y 
5. Juan Manuel Arrubla (born Santafé de Antioquia 1789, died Bogotá, July 9th 
    1864) x María Josefa Zabaleta (born Valencia, Venezuela, daughter of
     Manuel Zabaleta x Josefa Tedlez). Juan Manuel Arrubla was very much 
    involved in the independance of Colombia and the founding of the Colombian


Antonio de Atehortua, born in the village of Elorrio (Durango, Vizcaya), and son of Domingo de Atehortúa and María de Ossa. Grandchild of Juan de Atehortúa x María Martínez de Jáuregui (father) and Juan de Ossa x María Pérez de Bolimbiscar.

Moved from Pais Vazco to "Las Indias" around 1650 together with a younger brother and lived thereafter in the city of Santafé de Antioquia. Maried overthere Francisca Zapata Gómez (daughter of Antonio Zapata Gómez de Múnera x Ana María de Toro). Died after August 29th 1688 in Medellín, and had then following children:

1. Gertrudis Atehortúa x (1) Ignacio Castañeda x (2) Pedro del Mazo
2. Margarita x Toribio del Mazo - no children
3. Nicolás Atehortua x Gregoria Jaramillo (daughter of Alonso Jaramillo x Catalina
    Arango), following family:
	3.1 Joaquin Atehortúa x Ana María de Arango (daughter of Miguel de
	      Arango x Sebastiana Gómez, with following descendants:
		3.1.a) Joaquín Atehortúa x Micaela Estrada Toro
		3.1.b) Micaela Atehortúa x José Ignacio Uribe Vélez
	3.2 Inés Atehortúa x Juan José Ortega (son of Juan de Ortega Urdanegui
	      x Margarita Salazar)
	3.3 Miguel Atehortúa x María Ignacia Velásquez (son of Javier Velásquez
	      x Antonio Gómez Ureña), from which following descendants:
		3.3a) José Atehortúa x Josefa Restrepo (daughter of Javier de
		         Restrepo x Tomasa Escobar Guerra Peláez)
		3.3b) Maria Antonio Atehortúa x Juan de Dios Vélez (son of
		         (Francisco Vélez x Catalina Trujillo)
	3.4 Mariana Atehortúa x José Nicolás Arango
	3.5 Ignacia Atehortúa
	3.6 Salvador Atehortúa
	3.7 Josefa Atehortúa
4. María Atehortúa - nun in the convent of Carmén, Cartagena de las Indias
5. Domingo Atehortúa - died single
6. Francisco Atehortúa
7. Rosa Atehortúa
8. Antonio Atehortúa
9. Isabel Atehortúa
10. Andrés Atehortúa
11. Juana Atehortúa x Agustín Ordás y Mancilla

So far the letter "A" of the alphabet. As you can see there are quite some parts missing of the above named genealogies, but anyhow believe that they could be very interesting & helpful to those searching the roots of their families.

Next e-mail I will send you info on Basque families starting with the letter "B".

All the best

Pieter Hartog