I am descended from Diego D'Arana who was the Fleet Marshall on Columbus' first voyage to the Americas. Diego's cousin (also a Basque Arana) was Columbus' mistress who bore Columbus' only sons.

My great grandfather was one of three sons who settled the Americas to establish an international coffee business based in or around San Sebastian. My family settled Puerto Rico while the others settled South America (Colombia?) and San Salvador. An Arana was briefly President of San Salvador but was assassinated.

My mother is Saturnina Arana de Lehe, born in Lares, Puerto Rico, among eight children. Her father continued the coffee growing business until his death around 1929. Afterwards, all land holdings were lost. Lares is the site of the "Grito de Lares" which was the island's first rebellion for independence from Spain. The rebellion originated at the Arana plantation.