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buber.net > Basque > Food > Recipes > Basque Recipe Collection

Basque Recipe Collection

This page lists a collection of Basque recipes collected from various sources. Some are from books, others are recipes that individuals just sent to me. The source of each recipe is given with each one. The recipes given by Dave Maritorena were taken from a booklet published by the Basque Museum of Boise. The original contributor of the recipe is given in the text of each one. The booklet can be order from the Basque Museum for $3.50. The recipes from the booklet will be marked below by a *.

If you have any recipes you'd like to add to this list, let me know.


Meat Dishes


Other Dishes


Jose A. Zorilla's Basque Cuisine Articles
    These artilces are written by Jose A. Zorilla and originally appeared on the Basque discussion list. They are lengthy articles, but length is a small price to pay for good food! Enjoy!

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