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Basque Music and Art

Music and Art of course play a central role in Basque culture. Music ranges from folk, which is symbolized by folk instruments such as the alboka and txalaparta, to more modern forms of expression, especially punk and metal. Basque art has a long history, including artists such as Francisco Goya.
Basque folkmusic is typified by a number of folk instruments. These range from the txalaparta, described as the only instrument meant to be played by two people, and the alboka, an ancient horn instrument.
Basque Songs
This is a collection of resources and links about specific Basque songs, including translations of some popular songs into English and the scores for some Basque Christmas carols.
One of the more interesting and spectacular expressions of Basque music, bertsolaritza is essentially improvisational poetry, song on the spot with the topic chosen by a moderator. Poems have to be to a very specific cadence and winners are judged both on style and wit.
Bands and Other Music Organizations
The Basque Country is just full of bands, ranging from folk to metal to everything inbetween. This is a sample of just a few of them, along with other music-related organizations.
These are ogranizations, artists, and information related to art in the Basque Country, both traditional and more modern expressions.
Movies and Cinema
Basque cinema has really taken off in recent years. This section needs a bit of work.

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